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I’ve done so much hand sewing this spring that I don’t even need thimbles anymore.

"My advice is this: Find the women. Surround yourself with women, read women, and meet up in person with women. Beauty myths will go BOOM! And suddenly, you’ll look to them for not just advice but ways of seeing and beauty, too, will shift."

- Durga Chew-Bose, (via et—cetera)

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Excised kidney or off cut of lace?
I keep this wonky pin around for luck. It’s my Gandalf pin. #nerd #lotr
Afternoon of Red Wings, and prosecco with Fruli. :D

"Capitalism is anti-empathy, empathy is anti-capitalist"

- Franco Berardi Bifo (via boringalien)

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Cinderella, Adolf Münzer
Art history meme (x) - 6/? colours - Pink

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Excited to see which #quinceanera dress my pretty little client chooses. #bespoke #fashion #design #custom #gown